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Trinity-Memorial-websize-104Welcome to Trinity! I am so delighted that you are exploring our life as a community of Christ followers in Warren, Pennsylvania, and hope that you are considering joining us.  Following Christ through participation in a community of faith is a unique and vital piece of Christian life.  With us you will worship God who is present with us, grow as a disciple through the power of the Holy Spirit, and find many ways to share with the world the healing you find in Christ. As we summarize in our mission statement


Celebrates God through Enriching Worship

Grows through the Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit

and Shares the Healing we find in Christ.


On this website you can find links describing aspects of our history, descriptions of our worship services, spiritual growth opportunities, and sharing ministries, discover some of our recent events and future happenings, and maybe get some hints about what life with us is all about.  But the best idea is to come and join us!  Come worship, come learn, come share, and in our midst discover how the Risen Lord is present in our lives and in yours.

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. Matthew R. Scott

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