Advent 2020 – Our Faith at Home

This year’s advent season, starting Sunday, November 29, will feature multiple options for engaging in faith practices at home. By now, we hope that members and participants in Trinity and our sister congregation St. Francis have received our Advent at Home kit, a mailed collection of ways to engage deeply in the gifts of this season. Click the links below or contact the office to receive your copy:

  • Four Advent cards, (Side 1) one for each week of Advent. The card has a prayer, scripture listings, and a church community activity.
  • A Manger Scene drawing page and instruction sheet. This is part of Week Four’s community activity.
  • A Kindness Chain – an Advent Calendar/prayer chain for you and your family.
  • Each day has a brief spiritual challenge for you to accept, all around the theme of extending love out to others. Cut them up into strips as you complete them and make a chain. Let’s make growing kindness a project of the whole community!
  • An updated church directory. You will use it often for the kindness chain and weekly activities.

Keep up with us on social media as we share each week in these practices.

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