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Warren Gives 2019: Help our Holiday Hot Meals Program!

7th Annual Warren Gives,  Wednesday, May 22, 2019

The Community Foundation of Warren County is pleased to announce the return of Warren Gives on Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

Trinity will once again participate in Warren Gives, the online fundraising campaign from 6 AM –10 PM on May 22nd.  As we did the last three years, all proceeds raised will go towards our Holiday Hot Meals program. Spread the word, be generous, and we’ll see you May 17th online

Tens of thousands of dollars in match pool money makes your donations mean even more.  This year’s match sponsors are the Community Foundation, the Betts Foundation, Blair Corporation, The DeFrees Family Memorial Fund, the Northwest Charitable Trust, KCS Foundation, the Sara Sokolski Memorial Fund and United Refining Company.


The church is a place to offer your time in service to God’s mission. Consider volunteering!

Email us now with your interest at

Sunday Morning

Ushers – Help welcome all worshippers to our space and direct them in how to participate in communion. Ushers are an essential element of hospitality and worship. John Willis coordinates  this ministry.

Readers and Intercessors – Give your voice in leading our worship. The beautiful and passionate reading of scripture and the leading of our prayers is done by volunteers. Father Matthew coordinates.

Eucharistic Ministry – Helping to distribute communion is a licensed volunteer position. You will receive training and be expected to vest and join the altar party on assigned Sundays. See Father Matthew to learn more.

Hospitality – Help host Coffee Hour and maintain our welcome spaces! Jill Woody and Cindy Elmquist lead our efforts.

Sunday school – Lead teachers and assistants are always welcome to join us in leading our 5-10 year olds in lessons and activities. Nancy Scott leads this ministry.


Phone Coverage – Offering a human voice to those who call is a great gift to offer the community. Volunteer for a 2 or 3 hour shift sometime during the week and be a voice of friendliness and Christian love. See Father Matthew to learn more.

Bulletins – Bulletins take two steps: 1) sort and file used bulletins from the previous week, and then 2) edit, print, fold, and distribute the bulletins for the upcoming week on Thursday or Friday. See Dee Stewart or Father Matthew on this to help out.

Finances – Our finance team would love others who feel confident spiritually to help us keep track of contributions, deposits, and expenses. See Lana Creal or Father Matthew.


Food Pantry – We look to staff our food pantry twice a week to welcome those in need to come receive groceries. See Addy Landrio to volunteer

Diapers and Such –  Every Wednesday we distribute diapers and other needed products to families in need. See Jenn Campbell to learn more.

Staff Reorganization News April 10, 2019

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

With the support of the Bishop’s Committee and our Bishop, I have decided that in moving forward with our staff structure it is best for us not to try and replace our present Parish Administrator position. To try, with one employee, to replace all that our Parish Administrator has done would be to grossly underestimate the unique gifts, prodigious skills, and 27 years of experience with which we have been blessed. It would also set up the new person for frustration and the congregations for disappointment.

Instead, our plan is to break up the many roles and responsibilities between a new and specialized part-time staff position, independent contractors, increased duties for lay leaders, and new volunteer opportunities. We will restructure our parish staff and lay leadership around four key areas:

Bookkeeping. An independent contractor will provide us bookkeeping services. They will report directly to the Vicar and the Treasurer and continue to provide a professional-level of attention to our financial systems. We can announce that we have already hired this position and are working to make sure the transition is seamless for our operations.

Communications. We will be advertising a part-time position that will focus on communications. Our hope is that this person will help us both maintain our current communications systems and increase our social media presence, as this is becoming a vital need for all churches. Click Here to read the position description. We invite all members and friends of our congregations to reach out to those you know who might be interested. Parishioners are welcome to apply.

Ministry Support and Building Administration. Lay leaders and clergy will work together to plan for and support our many ministries. Volunteer coordination will fall to designated leaders to organize. Supplies ordering will be planned for by ministry leaders and ordered through the Vicar. Building monitoring and maintenance will be overseen by the Building Team and the Vicar.

 Public Presence/Receptionist. To provide a public presence in our buildings and a human voice on the phone we will turn to volunteers. Father Matthew and interested individuals will work to create a volunteer receptionist system whereby individuals can staff our phone, answer common questions, take messages, and most importantly provide a loving presence to all who call or stop by.

All transitions come with difficulties and opportunities. Please speak with Father Matthew with any concerns or ideas that you have as we move forward together in pursuing Jesus’ call to follow him, inviting all around us into his Way of Love.


Youth Adventure Club at Trinity

flat,800x800,075,f.u2 Trinity began hosting regular meetings in April of the Youth Adventure Club (although our young members are invited to come up with a better title than what the adults have here). Focusing on the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the club will enjoy all that role-playing has to offer while reflecting on how we live out the Baptismal Covenant as followers of Jesus.

A recent newspaper article in the Times-Observer highlighted the increasing interest found at Warren-Beaty Middle School in a weekly afterschool D&D club in which some of our youth participate.  Around the same time, Father Matthew ran across an article on how an Episcopal youth group uses D&D as part of their youth group.

Important too is that Father Matthew has had a life-long relationship leading D&D adventures, stretching all the way back to sixth grade. He even continues a monthly web-based game that includes two of the players from that sixth grade group! But it was Jill Woody approaching him saying that she is finding our youth interested in hosting something since the middle school has a waiting list that made this all come together for us here.

Our plan is simple: invite our youth and their friends to come explore the fun of role-playing games, relying on a player’s covenant to remember our baptism while we play. Food, generous space, and exploring how to be Christian in this adventure called life will help nurture community. We’ll meet every other week or so (catch the latest updates on Facebook and the weekly E-News email for our next meeting dates).

Summer Book Club at Trinity

Come join us each month to share time together, hear what others thought of our book, and share your thoughts, too! We’ll meet Wednesday nights in Warren after the Wednesday Evening worship service.


June:         Grounded by Diana Butler Bass

Book Night: June 20th

Diana Butler Bass draws on many themes, including the environment, biblical interpretation, family history and genealogy, and contemporary church participation to encourage us to seek a firm foundation for discovering who we are in Christ. Like many of her books, she moves between personal reflections, anecdotes from her research, and insights from sociology in very inviting, encouraging ways. Sure to be a book that makes you think yet also know that you are loved by God.

July: Before I Close my Eyes by Mikael Andreasen

Book Night: July 18th

Gary Landrio will join Father Matthew in sharing this book that stood out in the midst of his recent readings. At the surface it is a real email exchange between an agnostic inquirer and the author. But appreciated as a whole, it is an admirable exploration of spirituality and a helpful guide in how to approach conversations about faith.

Note: We have 10 copies available in the office, each for only $1!


August: This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems by Wendell Berry

Book Night: August 29th

Berry, at first glance a rural farmer in Kentucky, is a preeminent poet and essayist in America. With over 50 books published, including poetry collections, essays, and novels, it is hard to pick just one. This Day focuses on one of Berry’s spiritual practices, that of taking a weekly Sabbath day, in which often times he writes poetry. He offers selections from each year between 1979-2013.

Note: Lots of poems here, so pick one year to focus on and bring your nomination for best of that year. It’s ok to not try and read every one!

Christmas at Trinity

Trinity and our sister congregation St. Francis in Youngsville celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with many wonderful gatherings for all to share in:

Christmas Eve in Warren

5PM Family Worship with Pageant. All children are invited to participate! (Call us at 723-9360 if you are visiting for the holidays and your children would like to participate). Come to the 4PM rehearsal to get a part.

8PM Festive Mass. Special music, candlelight carols, incense…is there any better way to celebrate the birth of the Savior?

Christmas Day 

Youngsville:  8:30AM Buffet Breakfast followed by Father Matthew’s guitar-led Folk Mass. Come enjoy a wonderful morning meal with everything you could imagine. No charge, just bring tidings of great joy!  Then join the congregation as Father Matthew brings his guitar and we enjoy a relaxed, family friendly worship service to celebrate the child born this morning.

Warren: 10:30 AM spoken service.

First Sunday after Christmas

8:30 AM worship in Youngsville, 10:30 AM worship in Warren (no Sunday School)


2016 Fall Program season begins!

Trinity and St. Francis kick off their fall programming this Sunday. Here are just some of what is coming:

Children’s Chapel, our during-worship Sunday School, returns Sunday, September 11th. Leaders Jen Dilks, Addy Landrio, Pam Taylor, and Nancy Scott, along with other parents and youth volunteers, will offer weekly lessons based on our Sunday morning readings. Remember that our children begin worship with us and then proudly tromp off to Children’s Chapel as we continue with our scripture lessons.

Confirmation and Reception class starts Sunday, September 18th, from 3PM to 4:30. For those looking to officially join the Episcopal Church and for those of any age looking to make an adult profession of faith, these classes will involve both experiencing key elements of our faith practices and studying the history and theology of our denomination life. Please contact Father Matthew to express your interest and to ask any questions.

Adult Studies: Two sessions are forming now for Fall Faith Studies. Monday Evening at 7PM and Friday afternoon at 4:30. Gary Landrio and Father Matthew are helping to coordinate topics and leaders.

Faith 5 – A family faith program

Families with children of all age levels are invited to come discuss a method for introducing a rewarding daily family faith ritual into their homes. Called Faith5, the program entails five daily faith practices: Sharing Highs and Lows, reading a Bible verse, talking about it, praying together, and blessing one another. We’ll discuss them on March 2nd and send you home to practice for a week. Then on March 9th we’ll celebrate the experience and offer help in continuing and growing this practice. Childcare and Youth activities provided!

Our program starts at 7PM. Childcare and a snack are provided!