Family Fun Day1

Family Fun Day, Sunday August 26th

From 2-6PM, join your neighbors and the Trinity community in an afternoon of family fun. Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church will be hosting afternoon events in General Warren Park, next door to the church at 444 Pennsylvania Avenue West. Musical guests performing under the big tent will include Trinity’s Music Team, the women’s barbershop group Chautauqua Shores , the men’s barbershop group Conewango Clippers, contemporary worship group Nautical Miles, and others.

Family activities will include children’s games and crafts, the Enchanted Fairytale Troupe, giant soap bubble making, a jump rope contest, bracelet making, and more.

Make sure to include a tour of the church during the all-day open house, the beautiful 19th century stone construction, its J.R. Lamb stained glass, and marble altar space. You are invited to bring a picnic lunch as you enjoy the music and fun; the church will provide water, some light snacks, and bathrooms inside the facility.

The afternoon concludes with all invited to a 6PM prayer service of Thanksgiving and Healing as we celebrate our community.

Click here for our Flyer.


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