Holy Week and Easter Schedule

Come join us for the journey through Holy Week to the great Feast of Easter. Both Trinity and its sister church St. Francis in Youngsville will be hosting parts of the great yearly cycle of worship and events that culminate with the celebration of our Lord’s Resurrection, this year held on April 16th.

Sunday, April 9 – Palm Sunday

Holy Week opens with this unique event. Our worship begins with the Liturgy of the Palms, wchich commemorates Jesus’ entrance into the Holy City of Jerusalem, an entrance that will eventually lead to his crucifixion. As a preview of those events, we then listen to the rest of the Holy Week story, called the Passion.

We follow our regular Sunday schedule of 8:30AM worship in Youngsville and 10:30 in Warren.

Wednesday, April 12 – Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday worship takes the place of our Wednesday evening contemplative service. We hear part of the Holy Week story as we gather for prayer and communion. 5:30PM in Warren.

Thursday, April 13 – Maundy Thursday

the commemoration of the Last Supper is a special event, held around a shared meal together. We gather and enjoy a meal interspersed with scripture, prayer, and time spent reflecting on Jesus’ call to remember him through the sacred meal of communion. 6:30PM in Youngsville

Friday, April 14 – Good Friday

While it may sound strange in some ways to call it Good, we have many opportunities to remember and reflect on the great offering of God through Jesus Christ that makes the day of his crucifixion a holy day.

12Noon   Youngsville Cross Walk. Come join us as we process the Cross through town. We start this year at the Free Methodist Church.

5:30PM   Good Friday Office in Warren. We will gather together to encounter the Cross and Crucifixion in this traditional service of scripture, silence, and chant.

7:30PM  Community Good Friday Tenebrae Service at First Methodist in Warren. This service involves many congregations from around Warren gathering together for this service that considers the shadows.

Saturday, April 15 – Holy Saturday and Easter Vigil

While the morning and day of the Saturday after the crucifixion is a day of fasting and prayer as we remember our Lord’s death and burial, once the sun set the drama of God’s greatest act commences. We gather at 8PM in darkness and light a fire together, a symbol of the power of God to shine a light in the midst of even the greatest darkness, and then move through a beautiful worship service that culminates in the Light of the World, Jesus Christ, returning in resurrection glory. 8PM in Warren.

Sunday, April 16 – Easter Day

Our traditional worship schedule sets the stage for the first Sunday feast of the Resurrection!

8:30AM in Youngsville, 10:30AM in Warren

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