First time visitors info

If you are joining us for the first time for worship or a ministry opportunity at our 444 Pennsylvania Avenue location, here are some hints to help you join in.

Parking Parkingmap Parking on the streets west and north of the church are free on evenings and weekends.  On weekdays you can either park on Poplar and Third Avenues for two hours free or you can park on Pennsylvania avenue and feed a parking meter. West of the church on Pennsylvania Avenue parking is free all day.  No matter where you park, we delight in the beautiful walks to our front door that the many streets around us provide.  General Warren Park, the Allegheny River, and local businesses (Allegheny Cyclery and Allegheny Outfitters) are all around us and we delight to have such neighbors.


Sunday Morning Worship  if you are coming on Sunday morning for worship, come a few minutes early and be welcomed by the boisterous voices and new friends inside our entryway and nearby Parlor room.  We are a happy and talkative bunch.  Once you enter our worship space and receive a bulletin for the service from an usher (ask them any questions you might have!), you will find music, silence, and reverence inviting you to prepare for worship.  Take a moment to thank God for bringing you here and ask him to help open your heart to greet him in the midst of worship.  At 10:30 the church bell will ring, our opening song will signal us all to rise, and then enjoy participating in our traditional liturgy that comes to us through 2000 years of worship history and theology.


To visit at other times  Our office staff, led by the inimitable Barb Winslow, is ordinarily here Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30-12:30 and again from 1:30-4:30. Our clergy, Matthew and Tim, would love to be available to greet you when you come. Please call ahead so they can be sure to be present and not off stirring up ministry opportunities around the county.

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