Centered on its mission statement, Trinity’s ministries focus on three areas of the life of Christian discipleship: worship, spiritual growth, and service.

Worship Our two worship services provide joyous and enriching ways to celebrate God’s presence in our lives.  Our Sunday morning worship is both traditionally grounded in the customary liturgy of the Episcopal Church yet inspired with spirit led music and preaching.  Wednesday evening invites us through contemplate holy Scripture through meditative music and silence while wrapping the celebration of the Eucharist is contemporary engaging music. In each worship opportunity prayer grounds us, scripture enlightens and challenges us, and the sacrament of God’s Table feeds us as we are launched back out into the world as Christ’s own.

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Spiritual Growth Being called into the life of Christian discipleship means adopting a life long pattern of growing.  Education opportunities, spiritual practices, and informal small groups are all ways for us to pursue this life of ever-deepening our hearts and souls in the love of God.  Education opportunities are offered on Sunday mornings for children and adults, while Wednesday evening offers seasonal offerings on a variety of topics. We currently offer Centering Prayer on Wednesday mornings as one spiritual practice that benefits from having a group of supporters.  And one will quickly find friends and neighbors in our many ministries who will want to share more time together as Christian friends in various small groups.

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Service To “share the healing we find in Christ”, Trinity pursues a variety of sharing ministries.  Three times a year we put together the Holiday Hot Meals program, where we deliver hot meals to an average of 275 people in the greater Warren and Forrest County communities who would otherwise have no hot meal to enjoy on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. We maintain an emergency food pantry for those in need of essentials, a new diaper and women’s hygiene products ministry that helps collect and distribute those essentials that are not covered by food stamps.  Each Christmas Season we participate in the Operation  Christmas Child ministry that sends shoe boxes full of toys and goodies to needy children around the world.  And we host a variety of short term ministry opportunities throughout the year as we identify needs in our community.

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