Summer Book Club at Trinity

Come join us each month to share time together, hear what others thought of our book, and share your thoughts, too! We’ll meet Wednesday nights in Warren after the Wednesday Evening worship service.


June:         Grounded by Diana Butler Bass

Book Night: June 20th

Diana Butler Bass draws on many themes, including the environment, biblical interpretation, family history and genealogy, and contemporary church participation to encourage us to seek a firm foundation for discovering who we are in Christ. Like many of her books, she moves between personal reflections, anecdotes from her research, and insights from sociology in very inviting, encouraging ways. Sure to be a book that makes you think yet also know that you are loved by God.

July: Before I Close my Eyes by Mikael Andreasen

Book Night: July 18th

Gary Landrio will join Father Matthew in sharing this book that stood out in the midst of his recent readings. At the surface it is a real email exchange between an agnostic inquirer and the author. But appreciated as a whole, it is an admirable exploration of spirituality and a helpful guide in how to approach conversations about faith.

Note: We have 10 copies available in the office, each for only $1!


August: This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems by Wendell Berry

Book Night: August 29th

Berry, at first glance a rural farmer in Kentucky, is a preeminent poet and essayist in America. With over 50 books published, including poetry collections, essays, and novels, it is hard to pick just one. This Day focuses on one of Berry’s spiritual practices, that of taking a weekly Sabbath day, in which often times he writes poetry. He offers selections from each year between 1979-2013.

Note: Lots of poems here, so pick one year to focus on and bring your nomination for best of that year. It’s ok to not try and read every one!

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