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Youth Adventure Club at Trinity

flat,800x800,075,f.u2 Trinity began hosting regular meetings in April of the Youth Adventure Club (although our young members are invited to come up with a better title than what the adults have here). Focusing on the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), the club will enjoy all that role-playing has to offer while reflecting on how we live out the Baptismal Covenant as followers of Jesus.

A recent newspaper article in the Times-Observer highlighted the increasing interest found at Warren-Beaty Middle School in a weekly afterschool D&D club in which some of our youth participate.  Around the same time, Father Matthew ran across an article on how an Episcopal youth group uses D&D as part of their youth group.

Important too is that Father Matthew has had a life-long relationship leading D&D adventures, stretching all the way back to sixth grade. He even continues a monthly web-based game that includes two of the players from that sixth grade group! But it was Jill Woody approaching him saying that she is finding our youth interested in hosting something since the middle school has a waiting list that made this all come together for us here.

Our plan is simple: invite our youth and their friends to come explore the fun of role-playing games, relying on a player’s covenant to remember our baptism while we play. Food, generous space, and exploring how to be Christian in this adventure called life will help nurture community. We’ll meet every other week or so (catch the latest updates on Facebook and the weekly E-News email for our next meeting dates).

Lenten Formation on Wednesday Nights

Each week during Lent, The Episcopal Mission of Warren County offers faith formation events on Wednesday nights. These opportunities are part of our traditional understanding of Lent being a time for special devotion and study in our faith lives.



February 17 and February 24 – led by Ms. Diane Brant

Anti-Child Trafficking. What can we do?

Over 200,000 children are trafficked for sex in the United States annually.  The best strategies for keeping trafficking out of a community or a family include learning about it, becoming vigilant, taking action. With this in mind, the Anti Child Trafficking (ACT) ministry is offering two Lenten presentations on Child Trafficking in the United States. After viewing videos, we will discuss what we have learned and consider the many ways we can fight trafficking, protect vulnerable youth and/or provide services to rescued victims.



March 2 and March 9 – Led by The Rev. Matthew Scott

Faith Practices for Families: Faith5

Families with children of all age levels are invited to come discuss a method for introducing a rewarding daily family faith ritual into their homes. Called Faith5, the program entails five daily faith practices: Sharing Highs and Lows, reading a Bible verse, talking about it, praying together, and blessing one another. We’ll discuss them on the first night and send you home to practice for a week. Then on March 9th we’ll celebrate the experience and offer help in continuing and growing this practice. Childcare and Youth activities provided!



March 16 – Led by The Rev. Tim Dyer

The Eucharistic Prayer – History and Theology

We will briefly explore the traditions and roots which have shaped The Episcopal Eucharistic Prayer Rite I and Rite II. The goal is to briefly touch on aspects of our worship that date back almost two thousand years. When we gather on Sunday mornings and participate in worship, we join with millions of Christians who have spoken the same words as the body of Christ throughout history.




And do not forget our Monday night Bible Study, led by Mr. Gary Landrio, as another opportunity for faith formation!

Trinity Youth activities for December

Processional CrossTrinity youth are invited to learn about the Acolyte program this afternoon at Trinity. In preparation for Christmas Eve worship, we are inviting any interested teens (10 and up) to learn or review how acolytes assist in worship a prep to take part in the celebration of Christ’s Nativity on December 24th.  We’ll meet today at 3:30 PM in the worship space. If you can’t make it, send a text or Facebook message to Father Matthew.

Then get ready for this Sunday, when all our youth are invited to the first rehearsal for the Christmas pageant, followed by food and social get together as we organize activities for the Spring. Rumor has it glow sticks might be involved!